Enrique Domínguez has devoted his life to artistic, scientific and perceptual knowledge in different expressions.

His main intention has always been developing a system that allows unifying different areas of human knowledge if one unveils their common patterns, their underlying cycles.

It is evident that conventional academic knowledge poses serious limitations in this sense. In spite of this, and far from rejecting it, Enrique Domínguez took it upon himself to integrate it as much as possible to his interests and activities.


Areas of expertise:

  • Music: Classical Guitarist with a career that spans for 30 years and hundreds of concerts both as soloist and member of chamber music groups and orchestras –including radio and TV broadcasts.
  • Chess: Expert chess player and teacher. Participant and winner in several national and online tournaments since age 9. Wins against international titled players. Creator of Equidynamic Chess©, a system whose principles apply to strategic optimization of resources in any circumstance.
  • Movement and Awareness: Three decades of experience in systems of traditional cognition. Being Energy® Certified Teacher. Basic knowledge of nutrition and general well-being.
  • Founder of Seenergy Network and the Synchronicity Project.
  • Writing: Short stories, essays and poems published on local media.
  • Editorial: Proofreading, medical books and academic editions on education research, including books and post-graduate papers.
  • Group management: Experience as teacher in several different areas. Coordination and guidance of live and online groups.



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