Pilar Soro graduated as a teacher from the U.A.B (Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1986) She has worked in different educational areas, started with children at risk of social exclusion for four years and since 1995 is a teacher in the public school of Catalonia. Her

passion for the educational use of ICT leads him to innovate creating projects to improve the learning of reading and writing as a basis for any learning. He has received different prizes related to ICT and Education: “Virtual Tutor”, “Radio Aula”, “The digital library and school radio”, and has collaborated in educational projects of the Ministry of Education and Science in Madrid and the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

She has trained teachers in schools, institutes and universities, and has participated in different conferences as a speaker, both in Spain and in Latin America. Pilar is also a Certified Energy® Instructor. She applies this methodology at school with her students and teaching companions. Convinced that increasing the physical and emotional well-being of education professionals improves the learning of their students she created the project: “Learning from Silence” whose objective is to introduce on a daily basis moderate physical activity and mindfulness in the classroom. It is urgent to respond to states of stress and growing depression among education professionals, and Pilar is passionate about helping people find greater well-being and health.



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